5 Exotic Beach You Must Never Miss in Indonesia

5 Exotic Beach You Must Never Miss in Indonesia

5 Exotic Beach You Must Never Miss in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with many archipelagos, so that is why beaches are everywhere. If you have a plan to do holiday in Indonesia, you do not miss these exotic beaches. The untouched and beautiful view will be found by you.

  1. Pink Beaches, Lombok

Hearing the name, it sounds very unique. Yeah, this beach that is located in Lombok is very exotic with its pink sand. Such a lovely color of sand, isn’t it? If you go to this beach, indeed, you can get a different sensation of visiting a beach. That is why you are not allowed to miss this beach.

  1. Mentawai

The Islands of Mentawai is one of the great places to do a vacation. In this place, you will find a beach that is one of the best spots for surfing. For you who want to try the great wave, you just visit the beach in Mentawai.

  1. Pandawa Beach, Bali

Have you visited Bali? If you have, what beaches you visit there? Actually, Bali has an exotic beach called Pandawa Beach. Also known as The Secret Beach, this beach is hidden in a high cliff. To reach the beach itself, it is not as easy as you think since it takes hours to go to Pandawa Beach.

  1. Nihiwatu Beach, Sumba

Going to Sumba, it will not complete if you do not visit Nihiwatu Beach. This exotic beach has been known internationally since it has a beautiful view. The white sand and the clear water will be the best thing there.

  1. Derawan Beach, East Borneo

Do you want to swim with turtles? Just go and visit Derawan Beach in East Borneo. This exotic beach will be very recommended for you because the view of the beach which is so wonderful. Wow, yeah, it is the right word to express the view in Derawan Beach.


10 Most Popular Sites in Paris You Can Visit

10 Most Popular Sites in Paris You Can Visit

10 Most Popular Sites in Paris You Can Visit

Paris, who does not know this city. Known as one of the romantic cities in the world makes Paris becomes the great destination for a holiday. If you have a plan to go this city, below are some popular sites you need to put in your list of must-to-visit places.

  1. Eiffel Tower

You know this tower, don’t you? The great tower which is the icon of Paris is the most recommended place to be visited. You have not done vacation in Paris before you go there.

  1. Musee du Louvre

After Eiffel Tower, there is Musee du Louvre. In this museum, you will find many great arts from famous artists in the world.

  1. Musee d’Orsay

It is also a museum in Paris. Going there is a must for you who do vacation in Paris.

  1. Notre Dame Cathedral

Yeah, this is another famous site in Paris. Notre Dame Cathedral. The great building with great architecture will make you enjoy your vacation.

  1. Luxembourg Gardens

Do not forget to visit Luxembourg Gardens when you are in Paris. A beautiful park can bring joy for you.

  1. Saintee Chapelle

Another great building that can be visited is Saintee Chapelle. It is a historical and religious building in Paris.

  1. Opera National de Paris – Palais Garnier

Paris is known as a city with theater, so you should visit this place when you travel to the Capital City of French.

  1. River Seine

For the other site, you need to visit is River Seine. The river in the middle of Paris will be great to see.

  1. Pont Alexandre III

Do You want to get more in Paris? Just visit Pont Alexandre III. In this site, you will find landmarks and great bridges.

  1. Arc de Triomphe

Historical sites can be found here too, in Arc de Triomphe.